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Admin Console

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Users - Configure who can access, and administer your bot.
Avatar - Configure your bot's appearance. Choose an animated avatar, or create your own.
Voice - Configure your bot's language and voice.
Learning & Settings - Configure your bot's learning ability and other settings.
Training & Chat Logs - Train your bot's responses, greetings, and default responses. View your bot's conversations. Import and export chat logs, response lists, CSV, and AIML files.
Twitter - Allow your bot to manage a Twitter account and interact with other Twitter users.
Facebook - Allow your bot to manage a Facebook account or page and interact with other Facebook users.
Telegram - Allow bot to manage a Telegram channel, group, or chat on Telegram.
Slack - Allow your bot to send, receive, and reply to Slack messages.
Skype - Allow your bot to send, receive, and reply to Skype messages.
WeChat - Allow your bot to send, receive, and reply to WeChat messages.
Email - Allow your bot to manage an email account and answer emails.
SMS - Allow your bot to send, receive, and reply to SMS messages.
Google - Allow your bot to connect to Google services such as Google Calendar.
IRC - Allow your bot to chat with others on an IRC chat channel.
Timers - Setup your bot to run scripts at various time intervals to automate web tasks.
Web - Import data from the Freebase, Wiktionary, or other websites.
Knowledge - Browse your bot's knowledge database.
Scripts - Add, create, edit, import, and export Self or AIML scripting programs.
Log - View the bot's log for errors and debugging info.